June 10, 2023
3 Key Metrics Driving Deep Value Investors | Smart Change: Personal Finance | nwitimes.com – nwitimes.com

3 Key Metrics Driving Deep Value Investors | Smart Change: Personal Finance | nwitimes.com – nwitimes.com

Stock Advisor returns as of 6/15/21

Jim Gillies: Deep value has a wibbly wobbly, specific meaning. It is not in any way, shape, or form Zoom or DocuSign or anything else that Cathie [Wood] owns. Deep value generally starts with a misunderstood asset value. You need something to support. Because deep value stocks look like they’re priced for death, Fools, most of the time. I say this as someone who has run two, two-and-a-half deep value services for The Motley Fool over the years. Pay dirt, for sure. I got airdropped into special ops when the original advisor departed. Tom Jacobs left and I was put there for six months or so before we launched something else. I have brought deep value principles to Hidden Gems Canada as well. This is my lane. Growth stock’s not my lane. I absolutely know that. Cathie Wood’s team and most other people are far better than me at growth stock analysis, but you are in my neck of the woods now, Cathie, and you are flat-out wrong, because you cannot say to me that DocuSign, let me just pull it up here, DocuSign, fine company, as I’ve said on this program before. Built a better mousetrap. I bought houses before without DocuSign, I bought houses now with DocuSign. There is no question what the better methodology is. Equity plans. Equity plans pre DocuSign, equity plans post DocuSign. DocuSign is better. We’re not saying that DocuSign is not a fine company. DocuSign at 15 times sales and unprofitable? It’s not unprofitable because things have broken at the company and management needs to turn around and so it looks much worse than it is. They are unprofitable because they’re hosing out equity cookies to insiders. This is a company that spent a hundred-plus percent of the free cash flow it generates to buy back stock, and the stock is still diluting at 6, 7 percent a year. Run that through your DCF, Maria. Maria is like no, because I know the answer. [laughs].

Source: https://www.nwitimes.com/business/investment/personal-finance/3-key-metrics-driving-deep-value-investors/article_70a12f7c-56a7-5561-980b-2fb96255203c.html

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