June 10, 2023
4 Best Medical Alert Systems of 2021 | Smart Change: Personal Finance | madison.com – Madison.com

4 Best Medical Alert Systems of 2021 | Smart Change: Personal Finance | madison.com – Madison.com

Commitment. Make sure you check whether a company requires you to sign a long-term contract or commit to its services for a prolonged amount of time. Some companies might seem cheaper at first but charge fees if you decide to end the contract, which would cancel out any savings you had in the first place.

Many companies are promoting themselves as no-commitment services, meaning no contract and no cancellation fees. Also, check how long their trial period is — most offer 30 days, which is long enough to test the product.

Best Medical Alert Systems FAQ

Are medical alerts covered by Medicare?

Unfortunately, medical alert systems are not covered by Medicare A or B; however, it can be covered by Medicare Part C or Medicaid in some cases. You have to check directly with your insurance provider to see if you qualify.

Where to buy medical alert systems

You can buy medical alert systems directly from the company’s website or by phone. You can also find non-monitored medical alert devices on websites such as Amazon or through your healthcare provider.

Are there any free medical alert systems?

Some systems provide the equipment free of cost, but you still have to pay a monthly fee whether it’s for the monitoring service or the cellular systems you’re using. There are also non-monitored systems without a monthly fee, which can be connected directly to 911 or to another device used by a family member or guardian. Also, depending on your healthcare plan, you might be able to get one paid for by your health insurance, though it’s uncommon.

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